Who do you imagine when you think of “a blogger?”⁠

Blogging has taken on a very particular reputation over the past decade, and we tend to associate it with beautiful, well-styled people who share their lifestyle, fitness routines, or parenting journeys.⁠ But the truth is, blogging isn’t just about sharing snippets of your life anymore—behind every personal blog there’s a business-savvy individual (or team) that’s trying to sell you something, from product sponsorships to premium content. Behind every personal blog is a brand.

Anyone who has a website, a platform, or something to say—especially small business owners who have knowledge that adds value to their product—can use blogging in the same way as the most-followed influencers. With the right strategy in mind, blogging can be a powerful tool for generating leads, informing your customers, and turning readers into fans of your brand.

Let’s take a look at how blogging can work across a few different industries.

Blogging for cannabis

Yep, we’re jumping right into it! As recreational cannabis has swept the state of Michigan, tons of new consumers are flooded with options in a market that was once underground and mysterious—and cannabis connoisseurs are looking for indicators that your brand stands apart from the rest. The key to bridging the gap? Blogging.

Here’s some ideas to get started:

  • Post blog content to educate new users on the basics of cannabis so that they’ll feel empowered to make choices without having to ask “embarrassing” questions.
  • Blog about the finer points of your products to draw in knowledgeable users and impress them with your attention to detail.
  • Show off behind-the-scenes snippets of life at the dispensary and introduce your customers to the fine folks growing their herbs.
  • Strain pairing guide, anyone?

Blogging for floristry

As a florist or flower farm, you attract a lot of attention at all the usual times of year—Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding season. And in the off-season? Consider drawing in traffic to your business’s socials and website using the power of blogging.

Here are some ways you could work it:

  • Tell your story. How did you end up in the industry? Regardless of your answer, your audience will feel more connected to you once they hear it.
  • Fun facts about your flowers! Which ones are your favorites? When do they grow? How do they smell?
  • Share behind-the-scenes photos of the farm where your products are grown. Who doesn’t love to see a gorgeous field of flowers?
  • Post some tips and tricks for composing the perfect arrangement to share your love for your craft.

Blogging for clothing and gifts

These days, anyone can buy anything they want from an online shopping aggregator in two clicks and have it delivered in 48 hours. What sets your business apart is the human element: the curation, the attention, and the magical experience of finding something perfect that your customer never knew they needed. Blogging is a great way to bring that experience online and draw would-be Amazon shoppers into your storefront.

It could look something like this:

  • What’s new in the shop? Blog about it!
  • Share a heartfelt, sentimental story about a time you stumbled upon the perfect gift at the perfect time.
  • Post about your story. What led you to become a small business owner? Why have you stuck with it?
  • Share your #OOTD (that’s “outfit of the day”) to help your customers see how your products might come to life for them.

Ready to start a business blog, but not sure how to make it happen? Let’s chat.